The Active Living Centre (ALC) is a place where you can come to learn things, get fit, build new creative skills and make new friends. The ALC is for people like you – aged 55 years and older – so you'll fit right in. Joining the ALC means you'll remain vital, healthy and connected to your community as you head toward your retirement years (or lucky you, you're already retired) because we believe getting up there is mandatory but growing old is optional. Click here to learn about signing up.

The ALC is just one of the many programs and services offered to people aged 55 years and older through North York Seniors Centre (NYSC). To learn more about NYSC and all the available programs and services to enhance the lives of seniors,  click here to visit their website.


There’s so much to do at the Active Living Centre (ALC) it can be a little overwhelming. But we're here to help you narrow down your choices so feel free to ask us for advice and recommendations. Head over to our Classes Page for more information on individual classes and programs including:

  • Arts and culture programs

  • Fitness Centre and classes

  • Health and wellness services

  • Life long learning classes

  • Multicultural social groups

  • Recreation and leisure activities

  • Special events and travel opportunities


The ALC has a fully equipped fitness centre including personal trainer, fitness machines and equipment. Ready to get fit? Read more on our Fitness Centre Page.


The Café at the ALC is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch during the week. Café service opens from 9:00am- 10:00am for a continental breakfast and lunch service that runs between 11:30am - 1:30pm Monday to Friday. Lunch options include a hot special or soup and sandwich as well as beverage selections – all at very reasonable prices! Take a look at this week's menu by clicking here

The ALC is one of the many programs and services provided by North York Seniors Centre (NYSC). For more information about NYSC, click here.



North York Seniors Centre provides programs and services to promote the physical, emotional and social well being of adults aged 55 years and older living in our diverse community. 


North York Seniors Centre, an accredited organization with a solid funding base, is recognized as a leader that delivers quality programs and services through the innovative use of volunteers and strategic partnerships.









We care about our community.
We build strong relationships through open communication and mutual respect.
We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards.
We promote a safe, inviting and accessible environment.
We encourage the development of new opportunities and endorse excellence in service.