If you want to become a member, sign up for a class or attend an event at the Active Living Centre (ALC), just come in and a volunteer at reception will help you do that. We're working on making the sign-up process easier through online registration and hope to have that up and running soon.

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Registering for a class, program or event

Being a member of the ALC is not a requirement to register for a class, program or event. Please note however, that non-members can only register for a class once the session has begun and a premium will be charged.

Dance and Fitness Classes
Please note that when you register for any dance or fitness classes, you will be required to complete a PAR_Q form and you may be required to provide a doctor's note. Standardized consent forms are available in the Program Office.

Registering to become a member

Make sure you bring everything you need to sign up for a membership:

  • Identification (driver's licence, passport, etc.)
  • Your address and phone number
  • Payment method (cash, cheque or credit card)
  • Emergency contact Information


Q. How do I pay for classes or events at the ALC?
A. You can pay for any class or event at the ALC with cash (in-person only), by cheque (in-person or by mail) or by credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Cheques are payable to North York Seniors Centre.

Q. Do I have to pay in full for the class?
A. Yes. All class and program fees must be paid in full upon registration, regardless of the number of classes you're attending.

Q. What is 'Early Bird Registration'?
A. We like to offer a discount to members who decide to register ahead of time for classes. Make sure to check out the Early Bird rates for your opportunity to save. Note: Early Bird Registration is only available to ALC members.

Q. Can I register online?
A. We're working hard to make that option available so registration will be even easier. In the meantime, registration takes place at reception in the ALC.

Q. What happens if need a refund for a class?
A. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy below for details.

Q. Can I get a class discount?
A. All ALC members get a discounted rate for classes as well as the option for an Early Bird Registration discount. In addition, discounts are offered once half the session is complete.

Q. What happens if my class or program doesn't fill?
A. Unfortunately, there are occasions when we have to cancel classes due to insufficient registration. If you've already registered and paid, you will receive a full refund. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand you might need to request a refund on a class or program, so here are some notes about the refund process:

  • Refund requests can be made by contacting the program staff via:
    • Email: or
    • In person:
      • The Active Living Centre
        21 Hendon Ave.
        Toronto ON M2M 4G8
    • Phone: 416 733.4111

Note: No refunds are issued after the first class.

  • All class and program refunds are subject to a $5 administration fee.
  • Requests for refunds after the first class will only be allowed for medical reasons in which case  a doctor's note must be provided. These refunds will be pro-rated to the time when the request and note were provided and are not subject to an administration fee.
  • Immediate refunds are not available. Please allow time for cheque processing.