Using BrowseAloud

BrowseAloud helps our website visitors who want online reading support or prefer listening to information rather than reading it. BrowseAloud has many features to assist people with dyslexia, literacy challenges, mild visual impairments, and when English is a second language. You can use BrowseAloud on every page of the Active Living Centre (ALC) website using a few simple steps.

How to Launch Browse Aloud

  1. To launch BrowseAloud, you can click here to open the ALC home page. 
    • click on "Listen with BrowseAloud" found below the menu in the centre of the home page.
    • once launched, you'll find the BrowseAloud toolbar in the top right corner of your screen. This toolbar provides you with the controls and some useful tools (a dictionary, translator, MP3 recorder and magnifier). 
    • turn your speakers on and adjust the volume.



Hover Highlight | Play | Stop | Translate | MP3 Maker | Text Magnifier | Screen Mask | Simplify

Hover Highlight

Once the BrowseAloud toolbar launches, you can click on any word on the ALC website to hear the sentence read aloud. The words will be highlighted as they are spoken. BrowseAloud will continue to read sentences through to the end of the page or until you click the Stop button. To turn this feature on or off, click on the Hover Highlighting button. Alternately, you can highlight specific words to be read by clicking-and-dragging over the words then clicking the Play button.

Magnify Words

If the words are too small to read, you can magnify them by clicking on the Text Magnifier button and then highlighting the words. They will appear highlighted and larger at the top of the page.

Screen Mask

This tool alters the colours of the screen allowing you to read the words through an 'electronic ruler.' Click the Screen Mask button to turn this feature on or off. 

Translate A Page

To translate a page into a different language, click on the Translate Page button and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the language you want to hear and the page will automatically be translated and read aloud. 


This tool allows you to simplify the page by removing formats allowing you to change the size and colour of the words. Click the Simplify button to turn this feature on or off. 

Make an MP3 (Sound File)

If you want to record a spoken page and listen to it later, simply highlight the desired text and click on the MP3 Maker button. Give the MP3 a name then click the Generate button. The new MP3 will automatically download to your downloads folder. You can then listen to it at a more convenient time.