Why use a Denturist?

This post was written by guest blogger Jeffrey Choi, DD

First things first, let’s take a step back and define what a Denturist actually is. A Denturist is a formally trained and licensed primary dental health care provider that specializes in the fitting, the construction and the delivery of removable prosthodontics - also known as dentures. They are trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. In addition, Denturists study the technical art of fabricating partial and complete dentures and are able to create treatment plans for patients and fabricate their dentures for them in their own onsite laboratories. 

Services that Denturists may offer:

-        Complete and Partial Dentures

-        Implant Overdentures (Fixed or Removable)

-        Denture Repairs, Relines, Rebases

-        Denture Cleanings

-        Mouth guards

-        Teeth Whitening

What are the advantages of using a Denturist?

When a denture is made with a dentist, the dentist or in some cases the dental assistants takes the impressions, the bite registration and selects a tooth shade. After this is done, they send the information to a lab. In many cases, the technician at the lab only has the details that are written on the prescription pad from the dentist. The problem with this is sometimes patient’s requests and small details are lost in translation. The technician has no idea what the patient looks like, his/her oral tendencies or how the appointments went. He can only work with what is in front of him and what is written on the prescription pad. The process can also be longer if adjustments are needed to be made as the dentist needs to send the denture back and forth with the lab.  With all this being said, Dentists can still provide you will a fully functional denture.  However unless the dentist is a specialized Prosthodontist, it is safe to say that the vast majority do not do their own lab work. 

Having a Denturist make your dentures means that you get to work personally and directly with the “artist” who will design your new smile.  The Denturist has an onsite laboratory which ensures adjustments quick and easy. You will have direct input and communication during the entire process and there will only be one set of eyes working on your case so that you will get a more reliable and consistent result.  We are your denture specialists who work on denture related cases all day, every day. We may not be a ‘jack of all trades’ that provide a plethora of services, but we are masters of one skill, and that is fabricated dentures. 

Do you have any questions of concerns about your dentures?  Feel free to ask me personally on Thursday, November 24th at the Active Living Centre for my educational and helpful denture seminar.  


Jeffrey Choi, DD is a licensed Denturist and owner of North York Denture Clinic.  He is a member of the College of Denturist of Ontario, Denturist Association of Canada, Denturist Association of Ontario, and Denturist Group of Ontario. 

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