NYSC Speaking Series

Join us for an informative speaking series featuring various professionals from the community every Friday at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm for the month of May 2015. This series is FREE to attend! To register, visit ALC Reception or call 416 733.4111! 

Friday May 1: Emergency Preparedness & Fire Safety for Seniors This informative presentation will give seniors and older adults the tools and information to be better prepared for emergencies. During this interactive session, participants will be reminded of the importance of fire safety, how to make their homes fire and carbon monoxide safe and what to do if a fire occurs. 
Presented By: Jude Kelly & Gina Pontikas, Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management 
Refreshments sponsored by Canterbury Place 

Friday May 8: A Conversation on Senior’s Health & Fitness Learn more about assessing your “functional” age, safe lifting and exercise techniques, as well as common management strategies for your joint pain relief. With National Physiotherapy Month in May, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the profession and recognize the expertise and care that physiotherapists provide to promote good health, prevent injury and improve physical function and well-being. 
Presented By: Owen Wong, Physiotherapist, Judith Guide 

Friday May 15: Accident Awareness Accident Awareness is an educational organization targeting motor vehicle collisions, fatalities and ways to prevent them by knowing what and how they happen. This presentation addresses senior issues regarding the highways and will also look at the new testing for license renewal. 
Presented By: Bob Annan, Accident Awareness 
Refreshments sponsored by Canterbury Place 

Friday May 22: Naturopathic Approaches Naturopathic medicine is a complementary and integrative approach to primary health card aiming to address the cause of disease while supporting your body’s ability to heal itself. Learn about the naturopathic approaches to common senior’s health conditions as naturopathic doctors across Canada share the value of naturopathic medicine, healthy living and disease prevention for Naturopathic Medicine Week (May 11-17). 
Presented By: Teresa Tsui, Naturopathic Doctor 
Refreshments sponsored by Canterbury Place 

Friday May 29: Share Your Dreams, Build A Legacy It’s important to develop your estate plan to help share the future and ensure that your wishes remain intact. Join us to hear a fresh perspective on strategies to consider for preserving everything you’ve worked hard to build. Learn the value of having an estate plan – beyond a simple will, four key building blocks for an effective estate plan and what to consider when creating or updating your estate plan 
Presented By: Mac Mekawi, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones 
Refreshments sponsored by Edward Jone