Introducing MY SENIOR CENTER...

The ALC has introduced an exciting new system to the lobby! My Senior Center is a touch screen software that has been installed in the ALC lobby to replace our current sign-in sheets. Pretty high-tech, eh?

How will this benefit you? My Senior Center will make signing in for classes faster, more accurate and is a more reliable system than the old school paper-version. 

Why did we switch? ALC relies on funding to keep the centre up and running, so the new system will help to improve our statistics which will help get better funding. It also enhances fire & safety evacuation procedures!

Participating is this new system is mandatory, but don't worry: we are going to help you learn how to use My Senior Center. Staff and volunteers with be available to assit you through this transition and give you a hand whenever you need. 

Questions? Drop by the Program office and ask for an ALC staff member. 




As of September, all volunteers working at the ALC location will be using My Senior Centre to sign-in your hours! Each volunteer will be receiving a key tag to use this new system. If you are also an ALC members, you will just need to use the same key tag that you already have to log in your hours. Staff and volunteers will be available in September to offer support on the transition to the new system.

NOTE: Please make sure you have a key tag in order to sign in! See Mimi if you don't have one.